The Most Inexpensive Ways to Get Where You’re Going

Hitchhiking – the most inexpensive of all, considering it’s free. Read further here.

Carpooling – Though still hitchhiking in the sense that you’re sharing a car with strangers, carpooling websites provideefficiency as well as safety. Each driver posts her voyage along with the price she charges per seat. The prices often fall below 20€, and some websites are expressly for free trips. Basic information, a photograph, comments and ratings can be viewed for each driver. Though payment is submitted electronically when reserving the seats, the driver will not receive compensation until you provide them with your reservation code. This ensures that you will not be charged unless your voyage is completed.

Cheap buses – Don’t think because the tickets usually cost less than 40€ that you’ll be riding in a school bus; these buses offer free Wifi, electrical sockets, bathrooms and comfortable, reclining seats. Most have wide availability, though the trips do fill up quickly. Best to schedule a few weeks to a month in advance.

Cheap airlines – The hours may not always be the most convenient, and sometimes the layovers may be a bit long, butwho can resist a 10€ plane ticket? For those with more flexible schedules, you can browse the prices over the course of a month to ensure getting a price that low. Otherwise, the majority fall around 40€, and few exceed 100€.

Student discounts – no matter what travel method you choose there’s a good possibility that some kind of student discount (or other specialty discount, such as military) is available. The best way to save money in any situation is to do thorough research to ensure you’ve explored all options.

Have your own methods of traveling cheaply? Post them in the comments below!

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One thought on “The Most Inexpensive Ways to Get Where You’re Going

  1. Tim Shey says:

    Hitchhiking is a great way to travel. It is cheaper, faster and safer than the bus.


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