The Only Travel Apps You’ll Ever Need (and Yes, They’re All Free)

As we all know, there’s an app for pretty much everything but some are exponentially more helpful than others. Don’t clutter your storage space. Instead, load these eight multi-functional and thorough applications and relax knowing you have everything you need.

Weather Underground

Also known as Wunderground, this app has a network of more than 30,000 worldwide neighborhood weather stations to provide the most accurate weather updates possible. View an hourly forecast with the current and “feels like” temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity and precipitation. Weekly previews and sunrise and sunset times are included on the home screen. The map view shows a temperature overview of your current state or country.


OANDA Currency Converter

OANDA provides current exchange rates and factors in the typical ATM or Interbank deduction rates, letting you know exactly how much money you’ll end up with.

Toshl – Your Personal Accountant

While not the most advanced budgeting and financing app, Toshl is the best choice for those like myself who aren’t that great with numbers. Track expenses and incomes, create budgets, set bill and loan reminders, and later export these reports into PDF, Excel, Google Docs and/or CSV.



Fodor’s City Guides – Never Seem like a Tourist Again

Download the city guides and view them without Internet access to avoid data-roaming charges. Having city and metro maps available off-line on your phone means you’ll never have to pull out a paper map again, allowing you to be an undercover tourist. Fodor’s attention to detail and superiority eliminates much of the nonsense found on review websites such as Yelp; they’ve done their research and only recommend restaurants and attractions they consider worthy. Thanks to their partnerships with Expedia, OpenTable, Viator and Seatwave, all reservations can be made from the app.

Google Earth

A great alternative to Fodor’s app, if a city guide isn’t available for the city you’re traveling to. Unlike Fodor’s map, Google Earth has 3D imagery, terrain and buildings that can be viewed from practically any angle. Metro stops are indicated on the map, as are little Wikipedia links that hover over important landmarks.

GateGuru – Your Flight Manager

GateGuru covers over 204 airports across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. The home screen lists your current and future journeys. Click on one of these, and see your continuously updated itinerary, listing security wait times, flight delays, gate changes or layover time changes. Clicking on an airport code shows airport maps, tips and amenities, which can be filtered by terminal and advises which amenities are pre- or post-security. GateGuru’s partnership with Avis provides car rental discounts up to 35%, and all reservations can be done from the app.



Repair Pal – A Roadtrip Necessity

With the Repair Pal app, you only pay when you actually need help, instead of forking out an annual roadside assistance membership fee. For repairs, they provide the average price for your current region and car type, help locate a reputable local mechanic, and track all your maintenance. At the moment it covers US locations and models.


Kayak – Your Personal Assistant

Before you step out the door, double check your packing lists stored on the app, and browse through their suggestions as well. Forward all booking receipts for hotels, car rentals, flights, trains or whatever to, and the app will automatically organize and store this information. They have airline contact numbers, websites and baggage costs, but I would switch to the GateGuru app if you’re looking for specific flight information.

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