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wan·der·lust/ˈwändərˌləst: n.- a strong desire for or impulse to travel: “a woman consumed by wanderlust.”

Wanderlust borrows the German words wandern (to hike) and lust (desire), translating literally to a desire to stroll. German’s own word for wanderlust, Fernweh, stands as a direct antonym for Heimweh. While Heimweh is the ache for one’s home, Fernweh is an ache for distant places. This ache, much like the worst cases of homesickness, is insatiable and inescapable.

Which is how I’m guessing you found this blog. You’re not content with trudging through the mundane and mediocre. You can’timagine spending your days in the suffocating atmosphere of a gossipy office poisoned by fluorescent lights. You know there’s something more to explore, some keys to find that will unlock an undiscovered part of your mind, some knowledge that can begin to answer the many questions you’ve collected over the years. Every cell of your being longs for an adventure, desires experiences, craves more; the taste buds that aren’t fully satisfied, the pupils that can never pull in enough color, the nose that needs the aromatics tones of curry and fresh, salty fish resting on a plate in Dubai’s hot morning sun, the ears that long for the song of a sole saxophone underneath the streets of Times Square as trains and passengers rush by…

If you feel the world calling you, don’t hesitate to respond.

From this point onward, I will share my adventures and explorations, whether they be tips and tricks to find the cheapest methods of travel, or the discoveries I make in cities along the way. Feel free to leave your own advice – for this blog or for fellow vagabonds – in the comments. Enjoy!

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